What to Expect at a Hearing Test

Although hearing tests are quick and painless, they can be a source of anxiety for some who don’t understand exactly what they entail. Perhaps you have a suspicion that you are losing hearing but are unsure. A hearing test and consultation with a hearing care professional is the right place to start. The following are a few of the things … Read More

Encouraging Your Loved One to Treat Their Hearing Loss

The recognition that your hearing is slowly slipping away can come as a heavy blow. Not only might the reality of hearing difficulty be disappointing, but also the associated realizations about your other bodily abilities might come to mind. Creaking knees, a sore back, and stiff knuckles might all come to mind as a web of limitations. It should come … Read More

Identifying the Signs of Hearing Loss

For some, the experience of hearing loss comes suddenly. Perhaps an injury or single incident makes it clear that hearing has been compromised or lost. Those who suffer an accident, are present during an explosion, or encounter repeated loud sounds in the workplace may have no doubt that they are no longer able to hear in a certain range. For … Read More