Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

So many hearing aids advertise their Bluetooth technology capabilities, but most of them require an intermediary streamer in order to connect to your smartphone. With ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aids however, you can connect your iPhone directly to your hearing aid. This enables you to deliver phone calls, music, and streamed video services straight into your hearing device, just like a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Made for iPhone hearing aids

We offer hearing aids from leading global manufacturers.

Among these, the following offer iPhone connectivity.

Starkey Halo iQ

Starkey Livio AI

With the new Livio AI, the world’s first hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, you can take charge of your body and brain health.

Hearing Reality for more natural hearing

A brand new technology called Hearing Reality is introduced for the first time with Livio AI hearing aids. Hearing Reality is the ear’s version of virtual reality and utilizes high-speed, high-definition computer processing to handle and separate these many layers of sound, with the aim of better reproducing natural hearing. In recent studies, hearing aids from Livio AI earned a 98% sound quality satisfaction score, and wearers didn’t have to work as hard to comprehend speech.

The Livio AI’s integrated sensors and artificial intelligence enables the Livio AI to detect if you’ve fallen and act as an assistant through its smartphone app. Finally, its ‘Made for iPhone’ capabilities enable high quality wireless streaming of cell phones, TV, music or other media.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

ReSound LiNX Quattro

ReSound released the first hearing aid to be ‘Made for iPhone’, as well as the use of 2.4 GHz wireless technology. And now they have recently introduced the sixth generation of this technology with the ReSound LiNX Quattro™.

Layers of Sound

The LiNX Quattro contains an unprecedented technology called Layers Of Sound. A large dynamic frequency range offers clearer and richer sound layers, helping individuals understand more speech and hear the finer details in any social or professional environment.

The integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery removes the need for battery changes and provides the longest available battery life – 24 hours of use when streaming 50% of the time and 30 hours of non-streaming use. Finally, a user-friendly app allows hearing care professionals to remotely adjust the hearing aids for customers from afar, without the need for a trip to the clinic.

Widex logo

Phonak Audeo Marvel

A motivating factor behind Phonak is to include all hearing aid users, irrespective of their smartphone operating system. With that in mind, the Phonak Marvel has the ability to stream audio directly from virtually any of the world’s smartphones.

The built-in microphones enable hands-free phone conversations from both iPhone and Android smartphones in full stereo. Users can enjoy a full-day’s hearing on an overnight charge with Marvel hearing aids, and that includes any streaming they care to do on top of that. The myPhonak app enables wearers to have their hearing aids calibrated by a hearing care professional anytime, anywhere via a video chat.

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Oticon OPN

Oticon Opn S

The new Opn S improves on the original Opn series of hearing aids on sound quality and convenience. Opn S wearers have the support they need to stay engaged in conversations and life with more control, customization, and power than ever before.

Hear on par with normal hearing

The platform built into Opn S quickly monitors acoustic changes in the sound environment, providing a 360-degree sound experience for wearers. Thanks to sophisticated sound processing capacities, voice perception has been rated on par with normal hearing for Opn S wearers, even in challenging listening environments such as loud restaurants and group socials.

For those particularly challenging sound environments where you need a little more help, Oticon has also introduced OpenSound Booster. OpenSound Booster enables Opn S wearers to further decrease non-speech sound sources and background noise whenever they want, which helps them to focus better on the person they want to talk to.

The Opn S miniRITE R style also has a cutting-edge lithium-ion rechargeable solution that delivers a complete day of power on only one charge.

Widex logo Widex EVOKE


This is the first hearing aid to ever feature advanced machine learning technology in real time. For the first time ever, it is now possible for a hearing aid to learn from the user’s input and preferences – and even share this learning with other users around the globe.

Machine learning technology

The Widex Evoke features controls that guide users to their required listening experience rapidly. Both user input and machine learning allows WIDEX EVOKE to develop and become even more intelligent as time goes by. Over time, all EVOKE hearing aids will be able to learn from the input of anonymous worldwide users to further enhance the sound experience.

The SoundSense Technology helps users choose the best sounds for their environment. They simply tell WIDEX EVOKE what sounds they prefer by selecting from the recommendations given by their EVOKE smartphone app. This information is then used by the WIDEX Evoke processor to produce even better real-life sound in real time, based on the individual preferences of the user.

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