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Unitron's Moxi™ Fit and the Moxi™ Jump R are both built on their new Discover platform, offering a natural listening experience for wearers.

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Unitron currently offers two hearing aid models on their new Discover platform. These include the Moxi™ Fit and the Moxi™ Jump R, which features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for ease of use. Both feature industry-leading connectivity that enables streaming of phone calls, and digital media from all mobile devices to both ears, hands-free.

Other hearing instruments miss crucial cues about the exact location a sound is coming from. Unitron's Spatial Awareness feature uses an innovative four-microphone strategy to acoustically separate sounds and help wearers to better identify exactly where a noise or voice may be coming from.

Striking up a conversation in a loud place? SpeechPro has it covered. The innovative approach not only helps better discern speech, but also assists the listener in determining where speech is coming from, even in the most challenging hearing environments.

Hearing aids on the Discover platform provide wearers with timely advice and tips to help care and maintain for their hearing aids, delivered through Unitron's app.

Features of the Discover platform include: 

  • Direct hands-free calls
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Binaural listening from any smartphone
  • SoundCore: Unitron's intelligent signal processing system
  • Spatial Awareness Feature
  • Sound Conductor: Featuring speech enhancement, noise reduction, and directionality
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