Oticon Hearing Aids: The Complete 2023 Lineup

Oticon, a leading name in the hearing aid industry, is known for its innovative hearing solutions that significantly improve the lives of individuals with hearing loss.

Oticon Hearing Aids: The Complete 2023 Lineup

Oticon, a leading name in the hearing aid industry, is known for its innovative hearing solutions that significantly improve the lives of individuals with hearing loss. This year, the Denmark-based company introduced groundbreaking products that stand apart in terms of technology, performance, and design. 

We will focus on three main models: Oticon Real, Oticon Own, and Oticon Zircon. Let's delve into the world of Oticon's advanced hearing aids to understand why they come highly recommended.

A Peek into Oticon's Legacy

Founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, Oticon has dedicated over a century to improving the lives of the hard of hearing. With a strong commitment to research and innovation, Oticon has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in hearing aid technology. The company's BrainHearing™ philosophy, launched in 2017, is a testament to this innovative spirit, aiming to support the brain's natural process of making sense of sound.

Oticon Real: The Pinnacle of Hearing Technology

Oticon Real, launched in February of this year, quickly rose to prominence in the world of hearing aids, setting a new benchmark in sound quality and connectivity. Oticon Real continues the legacy of its predecessors, Oticon More and Opn S, enhancing the company's BrainHearing™ philosophy with artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Neural Network (DNN) models. These sophisticated hearing aids, powered by Oticon's new Polaris R sound processing platform, are designed to deliver an enriched sound experience to the wearer.

Key Features of Oticon Real

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Oticon Real hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled, meaning they can connect to Apple and most Android devices to stream audio directly to the hearing aids.
  • AI-Powered Sound Processing: Oticon Real hearing aids use AI to analyze different listening environments and adjust the sound accordingly. They use a deep neural network trained on 12 million real-life sound scenes to provide a more natural sound environment.
  • Sudden Sound Stabilizer: Oticon Real boasts a new Sudden Sound Stabilizer that reduces sudden, loud noises like a slamming door or a barking dog. This feature is reported to reduce listening effort by 22% in noisy situations.
  • Rechargeable Models: The Oticon Real line includes both rechargeable and non-rechargeable models. The rechargeable model, with its lithium-ion battery, provides 16-22 hours of power with just three hours of charging. A quick 30-minute charge can provide an additional six hours of power.

Oticon Own: Superior Sound in a Custom Fit

While Oticon Real has been making strides in the behind-the-ear hearing aid category, Oticon Own, launched in August 2022, is a game-changer in the custom in-the-ear style. This product line brings the powerful BrainHearing technology of Oticon More to a discreet, custom-fitted in-ear device suitable for a wide range of hearing losses.

Key Features of Oticon Own

  • Custom Fit: Oticon Own hearing aids come in five different styles, each custom-molded to fit the wearer's ear perfectly.
  • Sophisticated Sound Processing: Like Oticon Real, Oticon Own uses AI and a deep neural network for sound processing. This technology helps distinguish between speech and other sounds, reducing background noise and enhancing speech clarity.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The three largest styles of Oticon Own offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to stream audio directly from their devices to their hearing aids.

Oticon Zircon: Advanced Hearing Solutions on a Budget

Oticon Zircon, the latest member of Oticon's "essential" product family, offers high-quality hearing aid features without the hefty price tag of premium models. It shares the same Polaris platform as Oticon's flagship More products, delivering clear, natural sound to the wearer.

Key Features of Oticon Zircon

  • Affordability: Oticon Zircon hearing aids offer all of the essential features of a high-quality hearing aid at a more affordable price point.
  • Sophisticated Sound Processing: Like other Oticon products, Zircon uses advanced sound processing algorithms to deliver clear, natural sound.
  • Connectivity: Oticon Zircon offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to stream audio from their devices straight into their hearing aids.

Understanding Oticon's Technology Levels

Most Oticon hearing aids come in three technology levels: 

Premium (Level 1), Advanced (Level 2), and Standard (Level 3). 

The technology level impacts the functionality of the hearing aid and its price. Here's a quick comparison:

Premium (Level 1):
Background Noise Suppression: 10db
Programming Bands: 24
Sound Processing Channels: 64

Advanced (Level 2):
Background Noise Suppression: 6db
Programming Bands: 20
Sound Processing Channels: 48

Premium (Level 3):
Background Noise Suppression: 6db
Programming Bands: 18
Sound Processing Channels: 48

Oticon Hearing Aids in La Canada

Oticon's 2023 lineup of hearing aids, including Oticon Real, Oticon Own, and Oticon Zircon, represent a leap forward in hearing aid technology. With advanced features like AI-powered sound processing and Bluetooth connectivity, these devices offer superior sound quality and an enhanced listening experience.

At La Canada Hearing Aids & Audiology in La Canada, CA, we're proud to offer these cutting-edge Oticon products. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the right hearing aid that meets your individual needs and hearing goals. Contact us today to learn more about Oticon's 2023 hearing aid lineup and discover how we can help you hear better.

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