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Oticon Real hearing aids provide an enhanced listening experience so that you can follow conversations with more awareness, focus, and ease.

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Oticon Real hearing aids are the latest devices from Oticon, building off the success of their predecessor the Oticon More. These new aids have been designed to provide a high-quality listening experience resulting in high patient satisfaction.

Oticon Real hearing aids are designed with an advanced suite of features that provide a superior listening experience for hearing aid wearers. Some of these features include Wind and Handling Stabilizer, Sudden Sound Stabilizer, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as water resistance. Let’s take a closer look at what this family of hearing aids has to offer.

Polaris™ Platform & BrainHearing™ technology

The Real is built on the Polaris platform and includes Oticon's BrainHearing™ technology which works to distinguish different sounds and amplifies them as needed depending on the wearers preferences and needs. This helps to improve speech clarity in noisy environments so that conversations can be followed more easily. Furthermore, the Real devices include Oticon's deep neural network technology, which learns how you hear best through constant real-time analysis for maximum clarity throughout the day.

Wind and Handling Stabilizer

Wind and Handling Stabilizer is one of the most impressive features in this family of hearing aids. This feature reduces wind noise and provides better speech clarity for those who are often outdoors or in windy environments. With this feature enabled, you won't have to worry about not being able to hear well due to loud wind noises ever again!

Sudden Sound Stabilizer

The Sudden Sound Stabilizer is another great feature that helps detect sudden sounds, managing them while maintaining speech audibility for the hearing aid wearer. This helps you pick up on more subtle nuances such as birds singing or crickets chirping while still understanding conversations with ease.

More features

Bluetooth connectivity also provides a range of benefits like streaming audio directly from your phone or computer, as well as giving you control over your hearing aid settings right within a smart phone app. Finally, these devices are water resistant so if you're caught in wet or damp environments (like a rainstorm), you don't have to worry about damaging your device!

Oticon Real Hearing Aids offer an impressive suite of features that provide a superior listening experience no matter where you are or what environment you're in. From Wind and Handling Stabilizer to Bluetooth connectivity and water resistance, these devices make it easier than ever before to hear clearly while providing peace of mind knowing that they can handle any situation thrown their way!

If you're wondering if the Real aids are right for you, contact our practice to schedule with Dr. Kevin Ivory. He'll test your hearing and provide a professional recommendation on the best devices for your unique situation.

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