Two New Hearing Aids Expand on Hearing Technology

At La Canada Hearing Aids & Audiology, we pride ourselves in offering the latest hearing technology from the top manufacturers.

Two New Hearing Aids Expand on Hearing Technology

At La Canada Hearing Aids & Audiology, we pride ourselves in offering the latest hearing technology from the top manufacturers. Recently, two of the top brands in hearing healthcare have launched new products. Let's review the newest products.

Resound One

Arguably the most interesting development comes from Resound and their new product, the One. What makes this new hearing aid so unique is that it includes an extra microphone placed in the ear canal. Most receiver-in-canal hearing aids have their microphones on the outside, located behind the ear. The Resound One devices have their standard microphones on the outside, but now have the additional one in the ear. This microphone helps Resound to measure the changes in the ear canal caused by each person's unique ear canal anatomy. The are calling this model a M&RIE, which stands for microphone and receiver-in-the-ear.

As with the previous Resound model, these new hearing aids can also connect directly to iPhone or Android smartphones, allowing users to stream audio and wireless calls to their ears via the new Bluetooth Low Energy standard. Many hearing aid wearers are also prefer rechargeable hearing aid batteries and these devices have a rechargeable option with travel powerbank, which allows for charging when an outlet is unavailable.

I am seriously surprised at how much I like them...I think that having them, you will feel differently about yourself they way I do and I think you should just go give it a try - Ray Weaver, ReSound One user

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Phonak Paradise

Phonak also recently launched their latest hearing aid, the Phonak Paradise. This hearing aid replaces the very popular Phonak Marvel device. While it has a similar look to the Marvel, the processing power has been increased, resulting in some improvements in function.

These new devices are powered by a brand new chip, named Prism. Prism chips process sound in real-time, reducing delays from the previous generation. These chips also have 2x the memory of the previous platform - and all of these changes come without adding any size to the hearing aid.

One of the most important changes made possible by the new chip and greater processing power is the ability to connect to more devices. These days, many people have more than just a smartphone. They might have a tablet, computer, Amazon Kindle and sometimes even more than one bluetooth phone. The new Phonak Paradise hearing aids allow for up to 8 paired devices and 2 can be connected simultaneously. This reduces the hassle of having to disconnect to stream to another device.

Here is a video from Dr. Cliff on the new hearing aids from Phonak

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