When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

There are many factors to consider when replacing and/or upgrading your hearing aids.

When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

If you’ve had hearing aids for a couple of years now, you probably know what an invaluable tool they are for every aspect of your life. And you already know the importance of your hearing aids functioning at their highest capacity, but like anything your hearing aids won’t last forever. How does one know when it is time to replace their hearing aids? There are many factors to consider when replacing and/or upgrading your hearing aids. Let’s explore them. 

Are your current hearing aids still working well?

To perform well, hearing aids require regular maintenance and occasional technical repair. Hearing aids are exposed to a lot of wear and tear as ideally, they go everywhere you go. They are exposed to rain, excessive humidity, extreme temperatures, dust, dirt and perhaps more. Depending on the type of hearing aid you wear and your lifestyle, your hearing aids will most likely require regular maintenance.

Without regular maintenance, the performance of your hearing aids may change gradually over time, as microphones, speakers, and other important technical components become clogged with moisture, wax, and other debris.  If your hearing aids aren’t performing well, you should consider cleaning and/or repairing them before purchasing new hearing aids.  Visit us at La Canada at least every year to make sure your hearing aids are still functioning to their highest potential

Are your current hearing aids still meeting your hearing needs?

Try writing down five specific hearing needs. This can include something as basic as “hearing over the phone” to “hearing your significant other while watching your favorite television program together.” Once you have your list ask yourself if your hearing aids are delivering a significant benefit to you in the situations you listed? If your hearing aids are enhancing your hearing in the situations that matter to you, it may be premature to consider new hearing aids.

Are your current hearing aids correct for your hearing prescription?

When you first get hearing aids, we at La Canada Hearing will make sure that we help you find the best hearing aids to fit your prescription. We do this using Real Ear Measurement technology. To get the most from your hearing aids, they need to be set to your hearing prescription.  If you don’t believe that your hearing aids are meeting your hearing prescription, we can help you to improve the fitting. This may require an adjustment of your hearing aids’ digital programming, or some type of cleaning or repair of the devices. If the fitting cannot be improved, your hearing aids may not be adequate for your hearing loss, and you should consider replacing them.

Are the advantages of new hearing aid technology worth it to you?

Advances in hearing technology have introduced a lot of features that weren’t available just a few years ago.  The latest hearing instruments are smarter than ever working in conjunction with your brain to do a better job of separating conversation from background noise. The newest hearing aid features now enhance comprehension and reduce fatigue. The micro-brains inside these devices work hard to adjust automatically and optimize performance, to take the strain off your brain.

Today’s advanced hearing aids are more fun, too. They can connect easily to all the new electronic devices around you — TVs, computers, smartphones, audio equipment and more. Should you look at upgrading your hearing aids, just to have the latest technology, even if your current hearing aids are functioning just fine? It’s important to do the research and investigate the new technologies and see if there is anything available that might improve your hearing and your life.  If the cost of the new hearing aids feels equal to the benefits you will receive then the latest hearing aids can be a great investment for you.

The latest hearing aids

Oticon Real

Oticon Real hearing aids are the latest devices from Oticon, building off the success of their predecessor the Oticon More. These new aids have been designed to provide a high-quality listening experience resulting in high patient satisfaction.

Oticon Real hearing aids are designed with an advanced suite of features that provide a superior listening experience for hearing aid wearers. Some of these features include Wind and Handling Stabilizer, Sudden Sound Stabilizer, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as water resistance. Let’s take a closer look at what this family of hearing aids has to offer.

Phonak Lumity

Most people purchase hearing aids to improve their listening clarity in public spaces. That's why Phonak has gone back to the drawing board with the Audeo Lumity.

In group settings or noisy environments, it can be difficult to hear well. This is where the Phonak Lumity stands out. Equipped with Phonak's unique SmartSpeech Technology, the Audeo Lumity makes speech easier to understand and allows you to focus on what you want to hear.

The Audéo Lumity also provides access to key health performance indicators like step count and activity levels. This enables you to set health goals and feel in control of your well-being.

If you're looking for a hearing aid to use while working out, near water, or in the rain, the Audéo Life is the perfect solution. This waterproof model of the Audeo Lumity combines Lumity technology with improved water protection and can withstand being submerged in up to 1.5 feet of water.

Starkey Genesis AI

Starkey has once again revolutionized the hearing aid industry with the launch of their new Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aid. These state-of-the-art hearing devices are designed to provide users with a comfortable and natural listening experience.

The most remarkable feature of the Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aid is its Neuro Processor, which includes Starkey's Deep Neural Network (DNN) on-chip accelerator. This processor mimics the central auditory system of the human brain by using transistors to rapidly process sound signals in real time. It is significantly faster than traditional processors and features an additive compression system that synthesizes signals from slow and fast compression systems, similar to how neural fibers in the brain process this information.

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Regardless if it’s time for a new set of hearing aids or just a tune up, visit us at La Cañada Hearing Aids & Audiology to make sure your hearing aids are still working for you. We’ll ensure that your hearing aids are at their best fit and working to their highest potential. If it is time to invest in new hearing aids, we will be there to help you weigh out all the options and find the best hearing aids for your lifestyle.

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